How to Put on Peloton Shoes and Clip Into the Pedal

Peloton has revolutionized our home workout experience. Through engaging classes, Peloton provides an engaging way to stay fit. A key aspect of Peloton is wearing appropriate gear—shoes, especially! Here, we will walk through how to put on Peloton shoes and clip into pedals safely for an efficient ride.

Peloton Shoes

Peloton shoes are specifically designed cycling shoes made for Peloton bikes. Their unique cleat system enables a secure and efficient connection to the bike while offering great comfort during cycling sessions.

Attire for Peloton

Wearing appropriate footwear while riding your Peloton bike is key for multiple reasons. Appropriate shoes provide better connection between pedals and shoes, enabling more power generation with each pedal stroke, thus increasing effectiveness and helping prevent injuries during your ride.

Benefits of Clipping into the Pedals

Clipping your feet onto pedals offers numerous advantages, including enhanced stability, greater pedal efficiency, and an overall more pleasant riding experience. Being clipped in means your feet are less likely to slip off the pedals, thus decreasing risk and potentially saving lives in accidents.

Preparing Your Peloton Bike

Prior to donning Peloton shoes, ensure your Peloton bike is correctly set up. Make sure that its seat and handlebars are at an ideal height while resting it on an even surface.

Proper bike setup is essential to both comfort and safety on any ride. Tailor its settings according to your body dimensions and ensure it remains stable during every journey.

Selecting the Appropriate Peloton Shoes

Finding Your Ideal Fit

Step one in selecting appropriate Peloton shoes involves finding ones with perfect fits. Take your time when selecting from Peloton’s wide variety of shoe sizes until you find one that snugly but not too tightly fits you!

Cleats and Compatibility

Peloton shoes feature cleats that enable riders to clip into pedals securely. Make sure that they are compatible with your Peloton bike; different bikes may require different types of cleats. Check your bike specifications.

Selecting the Correct Pedal System

Finding the ideal pedal system is key to having an enjoyable Peloton experience. While Peloton bikes come equipped with compatible clipless pedals, there are other types available, such as Look Delta or SPD pedals, depending on your riding preferences. Understanding their differences is essential when setting up your Peloton bike.

Adjusting the clutch position to Optimize Riding Comfort

Proper cleat positioning is crucial to your riding comfort. Experiment with fore-and-aft adjustments of the cleats on your Peloton shoes until you find an optimal placement that reduces discomfort while decreasing the risk of injury. Fine-tuning is a personalized process that enriches your Peloton experience!

How to Tackle Sore Feet and Hot Spots

Riding for extended periods can result in sore feet or hot spots due to pressure points created by cycling shoe cleats, leading to discomfort on your feet. To minimize this discomfort, cycling insoles designed specifically for cycling may help. Furthermore, ensure your footwear fits comfortably, with an equal distribution of pressure across both feet.

Master the Art of Clipping In

Clipping onto pedals may seem straightforward, but mastering this skill takes practice and dedication. Before embarking on your first ride, practice your clipping-in technique until it becomes second nature, elevating your Peloton experience as you do so!

Preventing Cleat Wear and Tear

Cleats can become worn over time. To prolong their lifespan, avoid walking in cycling shoes while off your bike when not riding; their hard surface was designed for connecting with pedals rather than withstanding friction from walking on it. Simply taking this simple precaution could save money on replacement cleat purchases while guaranteeing safe connections during rides.

Assuming You Have Peloton Shoes

Once you have your pedal shoes in hand, it is time to put them on.

Close either Velcro straps or laces, depending on your shoe model, and slide your foot inside to position it properly before fastening them securely or tying the laces securely to ensure a snug fit. Don’t forget to double-check that all cleats are clean and aligned correctly on the sole of your shoe!

Properly donning Peloton shoes is essential to both your comfort and safety during a ride.

Clipping into a Pedal

Securing yourself to your pedals is a key part of ensuring a successful ride experience.

Start off by standing with one foot on the ground next to your Peloton bike, with one clipped-in foot positioned above a pedal. Slide your shoe forward until its cleat engages with the pedal; you should hear and feel an audible click confirming you’ve securely clipped in!

Clipping into the pedal provides a secure connection that enables more effective pedaling with greater control.

Safeguard Your Connection

Establishing and maintaining a secure connection is paramount to your wellbeing, and here are some safety measures you should keep in mind:

  • Check your cleats periodically for wear and tear, making sure that they fit securely to the sole of your shoe.
  • Be sure to unclip one foot before dismounting to avoid accidents.

Riding with Peloton Shoes

Experience something extraordinary when riding Peloton shoes: improved stability and control over the bike; in addition, the efficiency of pedal strokes will increase, making your workouts even more effective.

Here are a few tips to enhance your riding experience:

  • Focus on smooth and even pedal strokes.
  • Integrate core muscles into your workout to stabilize upper-body movement and maintain an enjoyable pace that’s sustainable over time.

Maintenance and Care

To keep your Peloton shoes in top condition, here are a few maintenance tips:

  • Keep your shoes clean and dry when not being worn.
  • Store them in a cool, dry environment when not being used.
  • Inspect cleats for signs of wear, and replace them as necessary to ensure optimal performance from them. Proper care ensures they perform at their full potential for the duration.


Are you experiencing issues with Peloton shoes or pedals? Below is a list of common issues, along with solutions:

  • Issue: Difficulty in clipping in.
    Solution: Make sure the cleats are clean and properly aligned before trying again.
  • Issue: Feet slipping off pedals.
    Solution: Check the tension of the clips on the pedals and make adjustments as necessary.
  • Issue: Uncomfortable fit.
    Solution: Confirm that you have selected the appropriate shoe size.

If the problem cannot be solved on your own, don’t hesitate to get professional assistance from Peloton customer support.


Securing Peloton shoes and clipping into pedals is a straightforward process that will significantly elevate your Peloton experience. Selecting appropriate footwear, proper setup, and secure clipping ensure a safe yet comfortable ride, so gear up, hop on your bike, and reap all the benefits that a Peloton workout has to offer!


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How to Put on Peloton Shoes and Clip Into the Pedal

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