Peloton Bike Vs Peloton Row: Which Is Best?

Peloton finally unveiled their much anticipated and heavily speculated fitness equipment: the fitness rower. Even after numerous speculations and guesses regarding this product’s launch date and specifications, Peloton managed to keep their release as a pleasant surprise for customers.

However, confusion persists regarding the peloton rowing machine; which one offers more effective cardiovascular training? Both machines provide cardiovascular exercises.

Peloton cycling may be better for knee injuries, backaches and low-impact training than rowing; cycling primarily targets lower body muscles while rowing engages 86% of major muscle groups within your body’s entirety. Both provide excellent strength and endurance training exercises.

Fitness machines share many similarities. For instance, they both excel at supporting cardiovascular and respiratory wellbeing.

We will get an in-depth guide on the differences and similarities between cycling and rowing, along with their key features that set each apart. I will start off by answering one key question: which exercise is more efficient: cycling or rowing and which burns more calories?

Peloton Rower at a Glance

The Peloton rower is an elegant piece of equipment that you’ll be looking to furnish your living space while reaping the benefits of fitness. Although rowing can be a challenge it is a breeze with the Peloton equipment is equipped with the latest features to allow everyone to row with no worry of getting hurt. It comes with an innovative Form Assist feature that makes sure you are aware of your posture as you pull each time. This feature is paired the Form Rating feature with Insights to will guide you through each class you take.

Peloton rower offers an outstanding 23.8″ HD display for easy monitoring of workouts and metrics from anywhere within your home. Furthermore, this screen’s swiveling function makes it suitable for non-rowing floor exercises as well.

Consider how long a rowing machine is before deciding to give up. But this Peloton rowing machine features a foldable arm, making it more manageable when not being used and even comes equipped with the option for tethering that provides increased security when standing up straight.

But, the machine is currently the most expensive Peloton’s costing $3195.

Peloton Bike at a Glance

Peloton bike Peloton bike model is one of the most seasoned of the Peloton range of fitness equipment. Actually, it’s the most profitable, with two models of bikes that include the Peloton bike as well as The Peloton bike plus being sold out.

Both bikes come equipped with 21.8-inch touchscreen displays; however, the more recent bike + model offers an even larger 23.8 inch touchscreen. Both bikes boast sleek and stylish looks that many love about them.

Indoor cycling resembles outdoor cycling in that you can perform your workouts both while sitting on and off of the saddle. Peloton Cycling classes feature instructor guidance to make it even more enjoyable.

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There are a few reasons why Cycling is a great way to improve your fitness

Running is an effective cardiovascular exercise which is great for the lung and heart health. Running helps the blood to circulate faster through your vessels, decreasing the likelihood of blockages. Furthermore, it helps prevent cholesterol accumulation that could potentially lead to major organ failure within the body.

Cycling is a great exercise to treat knee injuries and pain. This is due to the fact that cycling is not very strenuous on knees, despite being a primarily leg-focused exercise. This keeps the knee active, while performing it with a minimal amount of effort.

Additionally, cycling can be effective in treating lower back pain. In this situation you can alter your position of your bike in a straight, seated posture that reduces back strain. Additionally it promotes faster recovery because cycling builds the core muscles.

Cycling can help in burning calories and reducing weight. Tin Peloton, multiple types of cycling classes, aiming to achieve weight reduction objectives.

What are the benefits of Rowing?

In general rowing is a cardio exercise that has respiratory and cardiovascular health advantages. Alongside cardio workouts, there are weight loss and calorie burning benefits.

In contrast to the exercise bike the rowing machine can also be used as a strength tool. It is, therefore, while it assists greatly in fat-burning in weight-loss, it’s effective in gaining muscle and endurance.

In addition it is a total body exercise that involves the chest, arms as well as the core and your lower back. This means it expands the chest and increases the benefits of respiratory health.

High-intensity rowing provides a greater energy-burning effect. Additionally, the increased resistance can boost the calorie burn after exercise and begin an exercise program that builds muscle.

Peloton Bike or Peloton Rowing Machine for Weight Loss

Fortunately there are many options available. Peloton bike and rowing machine can be very effective in improving the loss of weight. But, even with lower intensity rowing classes you still burn lots of calories and sweat within 10 minutes or less unlike cycling.

A consistent workout can lead to a significantly slimmer body. Therefore, both work well for losing weight. However, you’ll need to mix exercise and an energizing diet and an calorie deficit to do the process work.

A deficit in calories: This means that you consume less calories per calorie than what you consume, typically through controlling your eating habits and/or working out more.

Peloton Bike Vs.Peloton Rowing Machine: Which Burns More Calories?

The Peloton bike as well as the Peloton rowing machine both have the ability to be guided through exercises, which can boost productivity. In addition they both are cardio machines, which are the most efficient way to burn calories.

Both rowing and cycling are equally effective in weight loss in low-impact exercise levels. In reality they both burn the same amount of calories when they exercise in low-impact areas.

As the intensity rises however, rowing will increase the amount of calories burned per minute as compared to cycling.

In addition to intensity, the degree of weight loss is determined by the individual’s weight. For instance, it has been known that heavier individuals lose more calories in a short period of time and in intensity as compared to people who weigh less.

A table that is simplified below explains the calories burned by rowing or cycling for 30 minutes.

Calories Burned in 30 minutes of cycling according to Harvard University

Weight  Moderate pace  Fast Pace
125 lb  (57 kg) 210 calories300 calories
155 lb  (70.3 kg) 260 calories372 calories
185 lb  (83.9 kg) 311 calories444 calories

Calories Burned Rowing Charts for 30 minutes:

WeightModerate effortVigorous effort 
125 lb  (57 kg) 199242
155 lb (70 kg)  246370
185 lb (84 kg)  294440

While cycling and rowing give the near result in this table.

Peloton Bike Vs. Peloton Rowing Machine: Which Muscles are Used/ Built?

Peloton Bike

Primarily the Peloton bike is a requirement of the lower part of the body to exercise. So, it is obvious saying that the bike exercises on the lower body muscles. The muscles that are most beneficial include the hamstrings, calves and the quads. Furthermore, one utilizes and develops glute muscles when climbing and high-intensity interval training.

In addition, cycling improves the tone of the muscles in the core, which contract to improve the strength of the lower body during exercise.

The biceps and triceps help with cycling by bending and movements on the handlebars. There are also Arm rides in Peloton which demand that you carry moderate to light weights when doing cycling workouts.

Peloton Rower

However, on the flip side rowing is a sport that involves all muscles in the body that range from chest, arms and the core muscles in the lower part of the body. AFPA declares that the stroke used for rowing is comprised of 25-35% upper body effort along with 65-75% of leg workout.

It targets primarily the largest muscles in your:

  • calves
  • the glutes
  • quadriceps

It is also believed to improve the muscle groups in the upper part of your body:

  • arms
  • Pecs
  • obliques
  • The abdominal muscles

The triceps are required to move forward, while the biceps assist in extending the body forward. When you lift your body, shoulder and chest muscles will open.

The hamstrings, quads and calves contract, and extend vertically in the rowing motion.

Additionally, core muscles and abdominal muscles, specifically transverse abdominis as well as Lower back muscles provide the strength necessary for back-and-forth movement.

Rowing is more beneficial to health as it engages all body parts, unlike cycling which only benefits lower-body muscles.

Peloton Bike Vs. Peloton Rowing Machine: Workout Difficulty

Usually, both the bicycle and the rowing machine could be set for high intensity by increasing the levels of resistance. The rowing machine is the most challenging workout because it involves all the muscles of the body.

Furthermore it is worth noting that it is worth noting that the Peloton bike can be more appropriate for those who are new to rowing than the cycling machine. The rowing machine is more challenging and requires prior knowledge to build confidence, in comparison to the bike that anyone can get on and ride.

The rowing machine offers a greater exercise difficulty compared to a bike.

The Peloton Bike and the Rowing Machine: Which Has Greater Risk for Injury?

The rowing machine requires skill and a certain amount of technique to row. This means that people who aren’t skilled have a higher risk of getting injured. And luckily, Peloton has figured a method to avoid this issue by demonstrating its Form Assist feature, which can help you avoid using the improper form that could lead to injuries. Form-specific metrics and features that allow you to understand the way you do with correct posture during classes.

Additionally on top of that, on top of that, the Peloton rower has an option for tethering that allows you to attach your wall for upright storage. This reduces the chance of the machine hitting a person or an animal, causing injuries.

The fact that you are constantly rowing can cause neck and shoulder muscles to tenderness, resulting in discomfort. Because of the continual movement back and forth many users also experience lower back injuries and pain.

However it is possible for anyone to get on an exercise bike to enjoy a ride, even children, provided it’s not for the age limits. So, it’s likely that there will be accidents on this Peloton bike, which makes it a safer choice.

Furthermore it is true that in addition, the Peloton bike is a reliable choice in terms of the treatment of knee injuries as well as joint pain treatment. This is due to the fact that it offers low-impact exercises that can move the muscles in a gentle manner, thus enhancing the healing process.

Also, pregnant women as well as elderly people can enjoy an oasis by riding in a Peloton provided they follow the right type of exercise. It is actually possible to think about pregnant cycling lessons on Peloton to gain more specific information.

Peloton Bike Vs. Peloton Rowing Machine Cost

Most of the time, Peloton manufactures and distributes top-quality products, as can be seen from the treadmills and bikes currently available. Since the treadmill and the bike were both built with expensive models, it’s probable that the machine for rowing will cost a lot.

Update This is the Peloton rower, currently on the market, is priced at $3195. It includes the rower as well as an 23.8-inch high-definition screen as well as the delivery and installation.

However on the other hand, the Peloton bike is priced at $1495. The high-end version that is the bike plus is priced at $2495.

So, if you choose to purchase the cheapest Peloton fitness item the bikes are both more comfortable over the rowing machines.

Peloton Rowing Machine Vs. Bike: Which One Takes More Space?

The Peloton bicycle and rowing machine are sleek, and take up little area in comparison to other fitness equipment like the treadmill.

While the machine will consume more space while in use, it is feasible to keep it upright after using and reduce the space required.

Thus, the two fitness equipments are at the same level with regard to space-saving.

Choosing Between a Bike and a Rowing Machine: Top 3 Things to Consider

The bike and rowing machine come with different features that draw similarities and which make it difficult to decide which one is better. But, the suggestions below will provide you with an idea of where to start;

1. Type of Muscles Worked

The kind of muscles you’d like to work will determine the type of exercise machine you are considering. That means if you desire a fit and athletic look with toned legs, and you already have another option for upper-body exercise, the bicycle is the ideal choice.

In contrast it is the most effective option to work all body muscles. It is possible that you do not require additional exercises using the rowing machine since it works muscles throughout the body.

2. Workout Difficulty

Are you recuperating from an injury and want to remain active and not risk your health? The Peloton bike offers a few less intense exercises than that rower. Additionally, it comes with cycling options that make certain muscles from being as active like knees and back. A good example is the low-impact one.

But, the rowing machine can be a good option for those who want to maximize their fitness benefits, such as rapid weight loss and easy toned muscles. The fact that it can be strenuous makes it an ideal choice for those who have limited exercise time available since it provides the best results in the shortest amount of time.

3. Preference

It is possible that preference is the only factor, but it is equally important when it comes to the selection of a fitness equipment. A rowing device is ideal for anyone who wants to row their way across different water bodies or have always enjoyed rowing.

If a successful cycling class helps to increase your body to produce dopamine as well as other positive hormones, you should consider the Peloton exercise bike should always be your top choice.

Rowing Vs. Cycling: The Best Overall Workout

Cycling and rowing each offer advantages that cycling do not offer. But, we can all be of one mind that they’re both fantastic for cardio workouts. They help to burn calories, shed pounds and help maintain your body weight.

Thus, the choice is a bit skewed; one person will appreciate cycling due to the many options available for low-intensity exercise and another person will enjoy the whole-body exercises rowing can provide.


Always opt for the machine that best meets your fitness needs and requirements.

Rowing offers full-body cardio benefits that strengthen most muscle groups across your body. Cycling also has cardio advantages and is perfect for family workouts as everyone is safe on their bike.

Now that Peloton provides both fitness machines and classes to guide their workouts, which one would you choose?


  1. Does it the Peloton rowing machine an upcoming version?
    • Indeed, Peloton recently unveiled its popular fitness rower, which is highly anticipated, the launch of which surprised customers.
  2. How efficient is it? Peloton cycling to prevent injured knees?
    • Peloton cycling is thought to be better for backaches, knee injuries and training with low-impact, mostly training lower body muscles.
  3. What’s the commonalities between Peloton rowing machines and cycling?
    • Both machines are excellent in helping to improve respiratory and cardiovascular health, and provide great endurance and strength training.
  4. What are the features that the Peloton rower have to offer?
    • The Peloton rower comes with the ability to fold, an innovative Form Assist and an 23.8″ HD display, and swiveling capabilities for a variety of exercises.
  5. How much will cost the Peloton the rowing machine set you back?
    • Peloton rowing machine Peloton rowing machine retails at $3195, which makes it the costliest option currently on the market.
  6. What are the benefits that cycling bring to overall health?
    • Cycling is beneficial for improving cardiovascular health, increasing blood flow, decreasing the accumulation of cholesterol and treating knee injuries and aiding weight loss.
  7. What’s the advantages of exercising in the gym?
    • Rowing is a great cardio exercise and weight loss, as well as calorie burning, and stretches several muscle groups, giving an entire body exercise.
  8. Which one is better to lose weight peloton bike or rowing machine?
  9. Do rowing and cycling use the same amount of energy?
    • When you exercise with low impact cycling and rowing both are both able to burn the identical amount of calories but rowing burns more calories when the intensity rises.
  10. What muscles do the Peloton bike most often target?
    • The Peloton bike is designed to target lower body muscles, like calves, hamstrings and quads and engages your core muscles.
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