Peloton Clicking Noise – Easy Solution to Get Rid

The click sound appears to be a regular occurrence in Peloton cyclists. Sometimes, it gets worse with posture of the bike, particularly when you stand. It can be frustrating when you are unable to determine the cause of the issue.

But having several unique solutions will always give you an edge against competition. Here, we will investigate various issues associated with clicking bikes on Peloton and possible solutions for each issue.

Why Does My Peloton Bike Have a Clicking Noise?

There are numerous reasons the Peloton Bike could be making noise. I see people with completely different issues all the time across platforms like the Peloton Reddit and Facebook platforms.

Yet, among these issues are the ones that are most frequent common to users. These include:

  • The Peloton shoe issue
  • Cleats that are loose
  • Loose pedals
  • The bearings problem
  • The problem of the flywheel
  • The bracket at the bottom and the crank arm issue
  • Screws loose and bolts

What Noise Does the Peloton Bike Make?

So, what noise out of the Peloton bike needs your attention. The basic idea is that the Peloton ride must be silent and smooth regardless of how much exercise you do. Therefore, any unsettling noise that affects peace or tranquility isn’t appropriate to be used on the bicycle.

A few of these sounds comprise;

  • Clicking noise from the Peloton
  • Peloton makes a noise when it is pedaling (Peloton Squeaky pedal)
  • Peloton makes a clicking sound when getting you get off the saddle (when standing)
  • Peloton shoes make a clicking sounds (squeaky peloton shoe)
  • Peloton crank arm noise
  • (Peloton sound of the flywheel) Peloton flywheel bearing noise
  • Peloton belt noise
  • Peloton is making a grinding noise
  • Peloton Rubbing sound

What is the Immediate Solution to Peloton Clicking Noise?

In general, Peloton recommends that you get in touch with Peloton customer service whenever you experience any sound emanating from the bike that seems not normal.

If you call Peloton The staff will contact you to inquire about the noise and when you encounter it, and possibly an image of the problem. You will then be directed through a process to solve the issue or an engineer is sent to you.

What are Possible Solutions to the Different Peloton Clicking Noises?

Let’s now take an examination of solutions to the recognizable clicking sound that you can be able to solve yourself;

1. Peloton Shoes Clicking Noise (Squeaky Shoes)

Typically, the Peloton shoes produce an acrid sound because of a few reasons.

  • Cleats loose
  • There is friction in the pedal between shoes and a pedal.
  • Problem with shoes

Try spinning without a clip; try using tennis shoes. If it did not create a sound it could be that the sound was through your footwear. Be sure to take care when using the clipless pedals so that you don’t slip away from your pedals.

If you notice that your shoes sound noisy, the main issue to address is the cleat’s connection.

Verify that the screws aren’t not tight between cleats as well as the cycling shoes. If so, secure them on the shoe’s cleat plate. Actually, tightening the shoe cleats resolves the majority of problems with shoes.

What happens if your cleats are tightened until zero gain? Now is the time to think about friction issues caused by pedal-cleat attachment. It is possible to solve this issue by applying an dry spray that is sprayed sparingly over the cleats. Additionally, I find that grease, especially on the cleats, to be useful since it lasts much longer than dry-lube. But, you need ensure that the grease doesn’t appear on the shoe but remains on the holes in the cleats. Then, spray shots of the tops of the pedals.

Peloton Clicking Noise

Try adjust your pedal tension to connect your cleats onto pedals.

There is also the possibility that your cleats have been angled so that the shoe is hitting the bike during specific rotation segments. For example, during an hourly three-o’clock or 12 o’clock cycle. It may be a bit odd but the sole of my shoe is in contact with the sticker on my arm occasionally and produces the same sound.

In this situation it is necessary adjust your shoe’s angle when the pedaling. Then, you can pedal slowly through several turns, making sure that the shoe is in contact with the bike or crank component.

In the end, if none one of these solutions is working for the cycling shoes you are wearing, try pedaling in the shoes with out the cleats. Be sure to take care when using the pedals without clips to ensure that you don’t slip from the pedals.

If the sound is present, it is a sign that it is your footwear that causes the issue and not the cleats, or that friction in between your pedals and cleats. In this instance it is possible to replace your cycling shoes by a new pair.

2. Peloton Making Noise When Pedaling

Peloton usually emits noise when cycling at high cadences, often when using its app to track. What are its source(s), and how can we remedy this situation?

Your bicycle could have become filthy with dirt and other debris, necessitating an intense cleaning. Use an abrasive wet towel to do this task before turning pedals post-cleanup to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Look for loose screws on the pedals as well as on the crank arms. Make sure you are able to tighten them too.

These simple maintenance steps can surprise you when they solve the issue of clicking.

But, in some cases, the problem with clicking isn’t due to dirt. For instance the threads on your pedals may be dry due to long periods of cycling without replacement. Thus, taking them off and then lubricating them for the smoothness of pedaling could be exactly the solution you’re looking for.

And Peloton making noise when Pedaling It could result because of Squeaky Shoes. Follow the Step 1. Squeaky Shoes solution.

3. Clicking Sound When Out Of the Saddle (When standing)

Sometimes, your bike might be perfect for your low-impact trips however, you do not realise there’s an issue until you take an exercise class from the seat. When you are standing on the pedals while you pedal, a clicking sound begins.

The reason for this irritating sound could be due to a number of causes.

It sounded to me unpleasant, and, unintentionally that was due to the disks at the side in front. Therefore, I asked someone to move the bike to the back while I set the disks underneath the wheels to the front.

If you’re all by yourself You can put your bike on the on the floor, with the bike screen removed to shield the bike from breaking. After that, you can make sure the disks are tighter.

Take a look. The problem is not with the wheels or pedals. The frame must be securely secured to the crossbar at the base which holds the legs.

For other vehicles, it’s the transport wheels and stabilizers that aren’t properly level or with the screws being loose. The stress on the stabilizers rises as you step on your pedals and causes the sound. But, you can overcome this issue by leveling the wheels and making sure that they are placed on an even surface. After that you can tighten the screws to stop them from clicking.

Make sure to put your bike on a on the floor. You can make use of a bike mat.

Peloton making noises from it’s saddle(when in a position of standing). It could also be due to Squeaky Shoes and the crank arm. Follow the Step 1. Peloton Shoes Making Noise (Squeaky Shoes) and Step 2: Peloton Making Noise When Pedaling

4. Peloton Crank Arm Noise

If the noise originates emanating from the crank arm, it’s easy to notice. It’s even better because it can help to narrow the problem to the crank arm.

Most of the time, it’s the result of:

  • Loose crank arm bolts
  • Dry crank arm

Therefore, the corrective procedure is fixing the bolts. It’s good to know that this delivery repair kit that was included with the bike contains everything you require. Make use of an Allen wrench to tighten the bolts.

HTML0 Then, you can lubricate or oil the arm of your crank and the threads of your pedal.

These two methods should lower the noise of the crank arm. If they don’t, call Peloton support. Most of the time they will repair the crank arm in case neither of the above solutions work.

5. Peloton Flywheel Bearing Noise

Peloton’s flywheel is known to make noise. is not common, but it is related to the wheel bearings if it happens. It is possible an underlying flywheel that slid off without knowing it, leading to a squeaky sound coming from the wheel.

In this instance the only way to resolve this issue is to reach out to Peloton’s customer service and provide an image of the issue. The Peloton will be able to identify the issue quickly, and provide the required parts in the event that your warranty remains in force. They’ll even send an expert to repair the bearings on your behalf.

If your warranty has expiring, you’ll have to pay for the components, however they will send you a video that will provide instructions for installation.

If the bearings are to blame, then most likely a wheel bearing has worn out and needs replacing; you should still be able to ride without risking further damage to your bike.

6. Peloton Flywheel and Magnets Noise Problem

Magnets might be pushing against the flywheel. One simple fix you can perform yourself is to check out the following video.

7. Peloton Rubbing Noise

Sometimes, the sound of clicking on your Peloton can be caused by the wheel of your crank rubbing against other bike components for example, the cover. It is usually due to dirt building up within the belt.

So, take the cover off of the crank belt and then vacuum the rubber strips. After that employing a non-alcohol cleaning agent and a cloth, clean the belt clean of any dirt. This will eliminate the squeaky issue caused by friction.

8. Peloton Belt Noise

Peloton bike belts feature an elevated print that interacts directly with an idler pulley, producing some sound when in close proximity, but this is normal and should subside over time as your new belt becomes adjusted to your ride’s specific demands. Don’t worry: any noise will dissipate.

In addition, the noise will be harmless to you and is not a danger to your bike.

How to Contact Peloton Support Team

It is evident that the Peloton customer support staff is extremely accommodating and extremely adept at fulfilling the demands of customers.

So, if you’re having issues with clicking sounds on your bike, the team will be there on hand to assist you.

So, how can you reach Peloton support? Peloton customer support? The most efficient method is via email. Include an audio or video of the issue within your email. This can aid in the identification. Video footage will help determine the need for technicians to be asked for assistance. Additionally, the team will only contact you for clarification, with the probable reason in mind, which will save you time.

The team responds to you within three days. You may also follow up by an email or phone call.

When You Contact Peloton;

A technician can be assigned to manage the following situations:

  • Bottom bracket issue
  • Replacing the frame
  • Installing or changing flywheel bearings
  • Replace the crank arm
  • Repair any damaged part
  • Other flywheel challenges

If you’ve got an existing Peloton warranty that is still in force this means that the diagnosis and replacement are available in the initial year following the purchase. Additionally, you can avail free service if you buy an additional warranty.

How to Avoid Getting the Clicking Noise on Your Peloton Bike


What is Peloton supposed to be a loud group?

It’s not true, Peloton is not supposed to be loud. Instead it is supposed to provide an almost silent cycling experience. If the belt is noisy at first, it will disappear within a few days.

What is the reason my Peloton bike making noises?

Your Peloton bike should not make a sound. If it does, examine the cleats for looseness or pedals as well as other parts of the bike which can be the cause of the issue. Additionally, you must tighten all nuts on the bicycle and the shoe cleats in order to remove the noises that are common to cycling.

Does the Peloton Bike Make Clicking Sounds Under Heavy Weight?

If you’re within the Peloton’s recommended bodyweight, about 300 pounds, your bike will not be able to make any noise. This signifies that the bike can take on the load regardless of how you are sitting while riding.

If the bike is clicking when you are weighing it then you’re not the cause. However it is important to look for potential issues with the bike.

Do Peloton Bikes Require Maintenance?

Yes they can. Peloton bikes need regular maintenance to ensure that the bike is in good working order. They include cleaning it and changing the pedals every once each year.

Does Peloton makes quite a lot of noise while sitting at the pedals?

Pelotons should not sound any noise, even if you are on the pedals. Your neighbor may not even be aware that you’re riding therefore, you won’t create any distraction by riding.


Peloton is not likely to make any noise since the flywheel and belt are quiet and smooth. The bike could generate some noises because of loose screws, dirt and even friction in certain areas.

The noise isn’t normal in the motorcycle, triggering the alarm is required. You are able to check the bike yourself or call Peloton customer support for assistance.

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