How to Connect Peloton and Strava for Easy Fitness Tracking


In today’s digital era, fitness enthusiasts are constantly seeking innovative methods to track and share their workout progress. Linking Peloton workouts to Strava can be an efficient and seamless way for fitness enthusiasts to monitor and share their fitness achievements. Peloton offers engaging workouts while Strava is an open network where athletes can share and analyze their activities. When combined together, these platforms enable seamless sync between Peloton workouts and Strava activities and can motivate users towards meeting fitness goals while sharing progress among like-minded communities. In this article we’ll walk through how easy it is to link both accounts for tracking fitness progress.

What Are Peloton and Strava?

Peloton has carved a niche for itself as a leading fitness brand, offering stationary bikes, treadmills, and an extensive library of live and on-demand fitness classes. It’s the go-to choice for those seeking comprehensive home workout experiences.

On the other hand, Strava stands as a thriving social fitness network, enabling users to meticulously track their physical activities while fostering connections with fellow athletes. It’s the ideal platform to stay motivated on your fitness journey while sharing your progress with a like-minded community.

Is Peloton on Strava-Free?

Yes, connecting Peloton and Strava is typically free and straightforward. Both Peloton and Strava offer free account options that allow users to link their accounts, automatically sharing Peloton workouts on Strava without incurring additional costs. This seamless integration provides fitness enthusiasts with an effective means of tracking and sharing their progress with a wider community of athletes and friends.

The Benefits of Connecting Peloton to Strava

Connecting your Peloton account to Strava brings numerous advantages. First and foremost is social accountability; by posting workouts from Peloton onto Strava for tracking purposes by your friends and followers on Strava, sharing can keep your fitness journey in front of them, motivating you towards reaching goals more consistently. Furthermore, Strava provides powerful data analysis tools, helping track performance over time as you set realistic fitness milestones and goals. Finally, by linking Peloton and Strava accounts together you gain access to numerous competitions, creating competitive challenges to push limits further while rewarding achievements while pushing limits beyond normal fitness routines.

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Social Accountability

Sharing your Peloton workouts on Strava creates a valuable sense of accountability. Your friends and followers can track your fitness journey, providing motivation to stay committed to your goals.

Data Analysis

Strava offers a comprehensive suite of data analysis tools, allowing you to monitor your performance over time. This is essential for setting and achieving your fitness goals.

Joining Challenges

Strava frequently hosts challenges and competitions. By connecting your Peloton account, you gain access to these events, opening up exciting opportunities to earn achievements and push your limits.

Step One: Connecting Peloton and Strava

Follow these steps to connect the peloton to Strava; both bike and tread models follow a similar process.

  • Access the Peloton Website or App: Start by launching the Peloton website or mobile app. This initiates the process of connecting Peloton with Strava.
  • Sign In to Your Peloton Account: Use your username and password to log in to your Peloton account.
  • Access Account Settings: Once you’re logged in, navigate to your account settings by clicking on your profile picture or name in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Connect with Strava: In your account settings, find and click on the option for connecting to Strava, usually located under “Connected Apps” or “Partners.” Select this option to activate your Strava membership.
  • Authorize Strava: Upon connecting to Strava, Peloton will prompt you to authorize the connection. Follow any on-screen instructions, which may involve signing in to your Strava account.
  • Approve Permissions: Strava will request specific permissions to access your Peloton data. Approve these permissions to complete the connection.
  • Confirm Connection: After granting permissions and adjusting settings, your Peloton account seamlessly integrates with Strava, and you should receive a confirmation message shortly.

Does Strava track Peloton?

Strava makes tracking Peloton workouts seamless when linked. Once they’re linked, Peloton workouts automatically sync to your Strava account for monitoring and sharing with fitness enthusiasts alike—an effortless integration that keeps activities current on both platforms.

View Your Workouts on Strava

Once connected, magic happens as your Peloton workouts appear magically on your Strava profile. Not only is this an efficient way of tracking fitness progress, but sharing achievements also becomes easy through the Strava community’s vibrant platform that welcomes everyone, whether a seasoned athlete or just beginning your fitness journey.


Peloton and Strava provide fitness enthusiasts with an efficient, inspiring way to keep track of and share their workout progress. By seamlessly connecting these platforms, users can take full advantage of social accountability, data analysis, and exciting challenges offered by Strava while still enjoying Peloton workouts. Furthermore, this partnership not only simplifies fitness tracking processes but also fosters an enthusiastic fitness community with similar journeys; whether that be personal fitness goals or friendly competition – connecting Peloton to Strava can only enhance the experience.


1. Is connecting Peloton and Strava free?

  • Yes, both Peloton and Strava offer free account options that facilitate a straightforward connection process.

2. Can I access and cancel both Peloton and Strava accounts if necessary?

  • Absolutely, if at any point you decide that Peloton and Strava should no longer interact, you can easily disconnect them by revisiting your account settings on Peloton.

3. Will my Peloton workouts show up automatically on Strava?

  • Once connected, your Peloton workouts will automatically update on Strava, making it simpler to keep your fitness network current.

4. Can I manage the information shared with Strava?

  • Yes, when setting up your connection, you have complete control over which activities and information are shared, ensuring your privacy and comfort.

5. Are there any privacy considerations associated with sharing workouts on Strava?

  • Strava provides you with the tools to customize your privacy settings, giving you peace of mind when sharing personal fitness data.

Now that you understand how to connect Peloton and Strava, take full advantage of it to share your fitness journey and reap its benefits with an international audience.

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How to Connect Peloton and Strava for Easy Fitness Tracking

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