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Work-From-Home Jobs VS Running a Home Business

Many glazed-eyes work-at-home job searchers think that working from home automatically entails NOT having a monstrous boss breathing down your neck. However, this is not always the case. Working from home comes with two options – performing tasks for an employer who asks or allows you to do your work from home as a telecommuting employee and running your own home business as an entrepreneur.

Working from Home as an Employee

Telecommuting is one perk that many companies grant for their employees. Similar to having a flexible schedule, it is one of the most asked-for benefits that workers would even trade a high salary for. However, it’s different from working from home with your own business. If that does not say it all yet?

Working from Home as an Entrepreneur

Running a home business is about being your own boss, together with all its pain and glory. Not everyone can pull this off easily so many would resort to doing a work-at-home job first. A home business usually entails

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