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Where Have All The Nutrients Gone?

Why do we have such dreaded life-threatening diseases today that were unheard of in earlier times? One of the oldest and authoritative books on life, the Bible, records people living to almost a thousand years-with no illnesses whatsoever. Even from the days of our grandfathers and great grandfathers, we hear stories of amazing physical feats of health and longevity. People from “those days” live incredibly simple but very happy lives, the kind that many of us today would like to go back to. What happened to all these?

Consider the following reasons and know what caused them:


Let us start from the very beginning. It all begins from food existing as a seed until it grows and bears fruit. The onslaught of soil depletion and erosion reduces the nutrients that plants get from the soil. Plant crops can only be as nutritious as the soil is rich in nutrients. Bad soil cannot equate to good crops. Over the years, especially when global commercialism intensified, the

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