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What’s the secret to happiness?

It’s no secret. Being truly happy comes from within, and it has everything to do with how you approach life. Anyone who relies on other people or material possessions to make themselves happy is probably chasing something they’ll never find.

Happiness is a choice

Your outlook on life plays a huge role in your happiness. No matter what situation you find yourself in, there’s always a good side and a bad side. People with a positive attitude always see the good side first, and people who are generally negative are the first to point out everything that’s bad.

We all encounter obstacles that can be difficult to navigate. Maybe you didn’t get the new job you wanted and you just found out your best friend is moving to another state. Instead of dwelling in disappointment, try a different perspective. Maybe you didn’t get that job because there’s a better one out there, and maybe it’s somewhere near your friend’s new home.

Be grateful

Happy people are grateful for what they have. This doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy nice things or that they don’t aspire to do more in life. It means they choose to appreciate all of the little things that so many people overlook.

Whether it’s a warm sunny day in the middle of February, getting a phone call from a friend or just finding an earring that had been missing, let these little things make you smile. When you practice this type of gratitude, it leaves little room for coveting things you don’t have.

Foster healthy relationships

Our social networks are a big part of our happiness. Enjoying leisurely activities and talking and laughing with people you care about are important. In addition, close friends and family are always willing to go the extra mile for one another, and having this mutual support system makes us feel good.

Ban negative thinking

Nothing good can come from negative thinking. In fact, negative thinking will prevent you from seeing the positive side of things, and it will prevent you from taking any steps to initiate change.

If you tend to say things like “I can’t” or “it will never work,” you’ve already decided what the outcome will be, so there really would be no sense in doing anything differently. Your negative thinking made your negative thoughts a reality, just like that.

Eat healthy and get active

How you take care of yourself also plays a big role in your happiness. It’s hard to feel good about anything if you’re tired and run down. Eating a well-balanced diet that’s full of fresh, organic whole foods can really boost your spirits. If you add in 30 minutes of daily exercise, both your mind and your body will feel energized, and your outlook on life just might get a little happier.

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