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Unexpected signs that matching partners may possess in a relationship

In the real world, there are less expected clues that two people are compatible for a relationship that could finally end up into a marriage. Professional matchmakers bring singles together by offering a personal touch with face to face interactions. They deal with people with a busy schedule who don’t want to spend an inordinate amount of time searching and viewing online dating profiles of potential partners. These matchmakers earn a living by providing this service with their uncanny ability to read people and determine what type of a person would be a good match for them; it’s their profession.

As they say, a good relationship can come without good timing and the chemistry. Professional matchmakers have found that there are several relationship surprises that can make a relationship work.

  1. A person who is not your usual type. There’s a reason why relationships with your “type” ever last; they may not be for you! Sometimes it may actually be worth you sticking with the deviation. A lady should introduce her guy to some of her passions and may be give him a trial. According to research, meeting a partner who is completely different can expand your world.
  2. Following a vegetarian diet is a factor to be considered. Food preference is essential in determining partners’ compatibility. Whether you and your partner are hard core vegans or gluten free, the whole idea is that as long as you are on the same page on what you put into your stomachs, and the relationship is likely to go far.
    Differences in food preferences can be a bigger issue in future. Dietary restrictions on one partner could put strain on the relationship.

  3. Mr. Nice Guy may not be the ideal for a lady. Psychologically, ladies are more attracted to bad boys. However, they need the opposite of that in the long run. Therefore, a guy who seem bad boy but polite in some instances, may do well with most ladies.
  4. Do you have the same Pet Preferences? For some ladies, their pet is their baby. Their dog comes first before everything and anyone. This could be a huge a problem for their partner, who may have been raised to dislike dogs, resulting in a constant battle for attention. This can work both ways too – your partner may love cats, and it may be normal for them to allow their pet to sleep in the same bed, whereas you deem this unhygienic. If you have conflicting opinions on pets, the relationship may not last very long.
  5. Having the same sense of timing is a good parameter in matchmaking. A sense of punctuality on both partners will do well for their relationships. If one partner is that kind that always runs late, and the other one is punctual, the two may not do well. However, dynamism is essential in partnership.
  6. The level of messy you and your partner can tolerate is crucial. If both are fine with leaving things strewn all over the place or completely OCD, the level of the compatibility is very high. However, having opposite values to tidiness is a huge red flag leading to conflict.

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