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Undeck the Halls

We spend so much time and effort decorating for the Holidays, and then once it’s over and everything is put away, the house always looks so bare – especially if you have had more than one Christmas tree up. There are several ways to keep your home looking beautiful, and well decorated, even after the holidays.

A simple way to decorate through the seasons is to use inexpensive glass vases and apothecary jars. Fill them with seasonal additions. For the Christmas season, use round ornaments, pine cones, or candy canes for example. Change it up with other round colorful balls, shells, wooden or plastic fruit, crystals or rocks, even whole coffee beans or leaves of the season. Add some additions for those other holidays like red cinnamon hearts for Valentine’s Day, ribbons of color for Anzac Day, Canada Day or Independence Day, and green accents for St. Patrick’s Day. Changing up your candles for each season is a simple but elegant way of decorating for the different seasons. Not only can you change the colors of the candles for the season, but the smells of the season as well.

This is also the time of year where after you take down your holiday decorations, you move furniture back to their usual place. But before you go to do that, take a moment and think about how your furniture’s placement can add to the warmth of the house. Placing sofa’s and armchairs so they are facing each other is great for when you have people sitting and visiting. You can also look at changing your focal point in the room from television to fireplace for the winter season. Adding an area rug or some different throw pillows and throw blankets for the winter versus the spring and summer is a great way to change things up as well.

You can use these same ideas to decorate the exterior of your home as well. If you choose to have a vine wreath on the door, change up the accents and the bow to go with the season. Or have a different door decoration all together for each season or holiday. Add a seasonal flag in the garden and change it with the change of the season and holiday. You can even add accents of color to outdoor lights by adding bows or seasonal ornaments for fall, spring, summer, or even for holidays such as Easter, the 4th of July, Canada Day, Anzac Day or Thanksgiving.

Just because the Holidays are over, doesn’t mean your beautiful home decor has to be put away. Use some of these easy, simple design ideas to keep your décor fresh through the entire year. Change is a good thing, it will let you appreciate the space you have and enjoy it even more.

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