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Trophy Cabinet

Welcome to the Trophy Cabinet. Here is a list of challenges, and those who have proven that they can complete them.

22 Dead Hang Pull-Ups:

500m Row in 90 seconds:

Aras Kvedaras 1:25.6

Deadlift 2 times your Bodyweight:

Steve Sheffar, Lee Crompton, Andrew Cameron, Murray Middlemost, Travis Derouin, Daniel Lueck, Mike Spitzer, Aras Kvedaras, Graeme Miller, Simon Marini

Perform a Muscle-Up on Rings:

Murray Middlemost, Esther Fong, Lee Crompton, Dan Sabo, Mike Spitzer, Andy O’Rourke

Clean and Jerk your Bodyweight:

Lee Crompton, Tag Russel, Mike Spitzer, Travis Derouin

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