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The “One” and the “Other Woman”: The Two Personalities of Me at the Box

By: Robin Blackburn

There are two women who go to my box. They are very different people. Each and every day I am amazed by their differences. You might ask yourself, “What could be so different about each of these women? They’re CrossFitters, after all…” Let me tell you a little about each of them.

personalitiesOne is confident. She comes to the box and knows that she is going to dominate the WOD. She knows that the WOD is about her. It’s not about her and everyone else at the box. It’s strictly her vs. herself. She knows the value of competition, but doesn’t let it dominate her workout. The other woman is intimidated. She is conscious of those around her and how fit and athletic they are. She knows she might be the last one to finish or obtain the lowest AMRAP score and it bothers her.  She lets those things get to her instead of focusing on her.

One is strong. Give her anything where that barbell has to go overhead and she is in her element. You can see it on her face. She doesn’t worry about the movements she has not conquered yet, like double unders or pull-ups. She knows they will come. The box makes her feel powerful. The other woman is body conscious. She knows that she is overweight. She does not embrace the strength she truly possesses. She lacks the ability to see the things she does well and see how much improvement she has made.

One is open to compliments and coaching. She listens to her coach and accepts his praise of her good form on a movement and listens to his cues on others, knowing that it might help her obtain a PR.  The other woman can be closed off.  She thinks that surely her coach isn’t giving her a compliment. After all, she’s not as strong as the woman next to her.

These women are me.

When I started CrossFit 7 months ago, I spent most of my time as “the other woman.” I did not believe I could be successful at some of the things that my coach was asking me to do. Scaling options and modifications made me feel like a failure. I was self-conscious of my weight and let myself be intimidated by the scores being posted on the board.

But, I have grown into “the one.” It’s not to say that “the other woman” doesn’t make an occasional appearance at the box. But, her presence is much less -much, much less. I know what I do well. I embrace those things. I also know where I need to improve. I listen to my coach and work even harder on those skills. There’s no cherry picking WODs – I show up and give 100%.

Each and every day, I, along with the support of my CrossFit community, strive to banish “the other woman” permanently. Take a look around your box, you might see that “other woman” there or perhaps she exists within you. Take the time to welcome her. Take the time to compliment her. Take the time to share your own CrossFit story.  Help her to be “the one.”

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