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The Aftermath

The first time you jump on the scale after the holiday period is a particularly traumatizing experience. I bet half of the people can’t even bare to look at the number on the scale. One thing is for sure though, unless you have been starving yourself you will put on weight over the holiday period, and this weight needs to be lost as soon as possible. Let’s take a look at how you can lose that weight quickly and easily.Normally when I recommend solutions for people to lose weight, it has been when they have been piling on the pounds for months or years. Although I am guessing this time you have only put on a bit of weight during the past few weeks (or even days) and want to know how to lose it quickly, and for that it is going to take a different plan of action.

For a start, you don’t want to be drinking any alcohol until you get back down to your desired weight. These are just empty calories (and a lot of them) and you will really struggle to lose anything while you are still consuming it. If you really can’t do without your beloved alcohol then try to cut back a little, it won’t harm you.

After the holidays, a lot of the time you will be feeling incredibly bloated. Therefore we want to flush some of this away. I suggest (if you aren’t already) that you start to consume at least 8 glasses of water a day. This will help keep your body in tip top health and trim down that stomach pretty quickly. You should try and keep this up long after that weight has fallen off. To get rid of the bloat and toxins in double quick time it’s recommend that you wake up to a bowl of chopped watermelon. This high-liquid fruit really helps and you’ll feel great again in a matter of days!

Many people find that they over indulge during the holiday period. This means that they are eating larger portions than they are used to. If you are not careful, these larger portions can continue long after the holiday period is over, and this can cause you to balloon in weight. My suggestion here is to ‘reset’ your idea of portions and eat considerably smaller amounts than you have been. If you had a healthy diet before where you didn’t consume too many calories then that weight will just fall off.

Try to steer clear of processed carbohydrates (bread etc.) after a holiday food binge as this can throw your metabolism out of sync. Instead you should start searching for other carbohydrates which can give you an energy boost and allow you to lose weight. Dark leafy greens will have the same effect, although they are much higher in minerals and everything else your metabolism needs to get your weight back on the right track.

Of course, you are going to want to cap off all of these diet ideas with a bit of exercise. Aim for at least thirty minutes of cardiovascular exercises per day, and for five days a week. Combine this with a healthy diet and that holiday weight will be gone before you know it.

As you can see, losing that holiday weight doesn’t take too much effort. In fact, unless you really ‘over indulged’ you should be back to normal weight within a couple of weeks, and now you know exactly what needs to be done next year when that turkey is back on the table.

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