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Surprising things that can make men insecure

Men in general are usually not affected by someone saying that their clothes don’t look good, or that their new hairstyle looks boring or outdated. This is the kind of issue that would normally be important to women and for the most part this is true, but there are actually many things that can make a man feel insecure and we are going to be listing some of the most relevant ones in this article.

1-Belly flab

Yes, while most men are able to hide behind their shirts all day long, there is a moment when they are going to have to expose their bodies and the belly flab is usually going to be a cause for concern. This is even more common when there are men who have fit bodies around. The problem is that most men will forget about this insecurity because they only have to deal with it sporadically.

2-Lack of culture

It might seem like men are not affected by how much they know about general culture, but this is usually not the case. Most men will rather pretend to be interesting rather than seem like they are uncultured. This is high on the list of things that make men feel insecure, but the good news is that reading more books and learning some general culture can fix this problem.

3-Back hair

This might have not been an issue back in the70’s and 80’s, but things have changed a lot in the last few decades and the hairy look for men is no longer appealing. When men have hairy backs, they tend to feel very conscious about it. This is a big issue when they go swimming or they are at the beach. Fortunately there are ways to fix this now with permanent hair removal. The days of the hairy sexy look are definitely long gone.

4-Embarrasing relatives

Believe it or not, there are many men who are tormented by having to bring their girlfriend to their home, because they are afraid of being embarrassed by a relative that is always doing or saying things that are inappropriate. This seems to be an issue that affects more men than women all over the world.

5-A crappy vehicle

Out of all the things that we have mentioned in this list, it seems like one of the situations that can make men seriously insecure is to drive a messed up car. According to many surveys, there are very few things that most men would dread more than having to drive to a party with a crappy car and seeing a lot of beautiful women staring at the car and laughing. This scenario is likely to never happen the way most men imagine it, but it’s definitely one of the few things that can make a man feel embarrassed and insecure to a level that even causes anxiety. Modern media has made it seem like success is closely related to the kind of car a man drives and this has put even more pressure on most guys who are driving crappy vehicles.


Men are more likely not to be too worried about their clothes and the accessories they wear, but there are definitely a lot of things that can make men feel insecure. The curious thing is that the kinds of issues that make men insecure, will usually cause no emotional distress in women and vice-versa. At least now we know that even when men are better at playing it cool, they are also hiding many insecurities that they deal with all the time.

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