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Steel City CrossFit Hamilton offers:

  1. The best membership rates in the city, 50% less in most instances
  2. The widest range of Coaches, we have 10 coaches. So we have someone who you will jive with.
  3. Some of the most experienced instructors. Aside from coaching CrossFit our Coaches are also used to training, some of them are National level Olympic lifters, Varsity football players, World Champion Firefighter Combat Challenge competitors, National Judo players, Varsity Soccer Players, A Physiotherapist and NCCP lifting coaches.
  4. The most open gym time.  In fact we are 24 hours weekdays.
  5. The best value for your fitness dollar as you also get VIP access to World Gym Hamilton, access to all of the other Ontario World Gyms and everything else that the VIP membership has to offer
  6. We have a Lifting club
  7. Child Care is included
  8. Last but not least we have shower and change room facilities. Seems silly to mention but most CrossFits do not.

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Steel City CrossFit in Hamilton, Ontario, was first and largest CrossFit gym in Hamilton. We have been coaching CrossFitters for more than 8 years. Our goal is to help you reach your goals.  If  you want to lose weight, gain muscle, improve your athletic performance or simply be as fit as you can be, Steel City CrossFit will get you there safely and quickly.

Check out our schedule for upcoming class times.

Steel City CrossFit brings the CrossFit mentality and work-ethic to the Hamilton, Ontario region.  Steel City CrossFit is the region’s premier performance, strength and conditioning facility, committed to developing the 10 General Physical Skills.  To be fit, an individual must maximize their achievement and ability in these skills.  To that end we will run, jump, climb, push, pull and drag with intensity and commitment.  In fitness routine is the enemy and variation is key, so we offer numerous programs to meet every dedicated individual’s needs.  Please see our Getting Started section for more information.



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