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Steel City CrossFit WOD 8/5/2013

Monday August 5, 2013

Running - Nick at Hamilton crossfit










Frog stands


Push press 3-3-3-3-3

Team WOD

20 minute AMRAP

4 stations:

1) 200 m run

2) Max. KBS (24/16)

3) Max. pushups

4) Rest

The runner sets the pace for the workout – while they are running, the KBS and pushup

stations do as many reps as they can.  When the runner makes it back, they move to station 4

and rest, station 4 moves to pushups, pushups move to KBS, and KBS runs 200 m.  The pushup

and KBS stations keep a running total of their reps, and the team’s score is the total number of

reps completed.


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