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Steel City CrossFit WOD

Thursday April 21, 2011


Handstand Pushup Progressions – Try doing decline pushups (think downward facing dog – pike at the hips and keep a straight back, hands close to the feet to get more emphasis on the shoulders), either on the ground or with feet raised on a box/bench or up on a wall.  Do 3 max rep attempts.


Weighted Pullups – 5×5

If you cannot do a weighted (or unassisted) pullup, then do 5 sets of 5 using only bodyweight or the lightest assistance band you can handle.  Do slow negatives on the way down to increase the difficulty and effectiveness of the workout.

Pullup Negatives on Youtube



Double unders



150 KBS

Steel City CrossFit would like to congratulate Andrea for setting a new members record for Annie, at 7:38!


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