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Steel City CrossFit Hamilton feedback…

Hi Murray,

My name is Laura and I’ve been a member of Phoenix Fitness since I signed
up for Crossfit classes in October of last year. After a few months of
doing crossfit, I realized, while my workouts were fantastic, a lot of
other things I’ve been doing were slowing me down and I was not getting
the results I desired. Without me mentioning how discouraged I was, both
Kevin and Evan noticed that I was clearly slacking in both my crossfit
workouts and my individual workouts, and each offered me their help. I
just wanted to let you know how helpful they both have been in getting me
motivated again and back on the right track. I probably would have given
up on fitness if it wasn’t for the fact that they went beyond what was
required of them to help me when they saw I was struggling. Evan was even
kind enough to sit down with me and go through everything I was doing
wrong, and help guide me in the right direction, both with my work outs
and nutrition. Unfortunately, I had to cancel my membership for the month
since I will be doing some traveling. To be honest, when I decided to
cancel for the month I wasn’t sure that I would sign up again, but thanks
to the initiative they both took to help me, especially Evan, I will
definitely be signing up again!

So basically, I just wanted to let you know (even though I’m sure you
already do), you have some great trainers working for you, and it makes
all the difference!


Laura George

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