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Everybody knows that eating seasonal vegetables are much better for you than frozen or processed food. This is because they are fresh and therefore still retain most of their ‘goodness’. Seasonal Vegetables are also a great deal cheaper than other vegetables, which means you can stay healthy on a budget! However, in January it can be incredibly difficult to find vegetables in season. After all, it is very hard to grow something during the wintery months. However, there are a few healthy options out there for you, and here are some of the best seasonal vegetables for this time of year.

Let’s start with the good old Brussel Sprout. Love them or hate them, these are going to make a big appearance this time of year. They are packed full of goodness and flavour. They taste particularly divine when boiled. If you want to cut a little back on the flavour (which some people hate) then coat in a tiny bit of pancetta, rosemary and crumbled chestnuts. Smear them in warm low-fat butter in order to allow the mixture to stick.

White Cabbage is another firm favourite for this time of year, and it really is at its best throughout December. You can use this for a multitude of different things. Perhaps you would like to make a soup using the cabbage, or a pie.

If you’re looking for other vegetables that you can do a lot with, then both leeks and potatoes will have hit their peek around this time. There are many dishes that incorporate leeks, potatoes or both. A leek and potato pie is always a good bet! Of course, eat your potatoes in moderation as they are going to be particularly high in carbohydrates. You should avoid frying them as this adds to their calorie content. Boiled or baked should be fine.

One of the vegetables which seems to hit its peak around this time of year, but seems to get very little attention is Kale. This is something that everybody should incorporate into their diet in some form or another due to the amount of vitamins and minerals it can provide. It may take a bit of effort to find some recipes where Kale works, but trust me, it is worth it.

Finally, Carrots and Cauliflower should get an honorable mention here. Both found in abundance time of year, and can be combined together to make a perfectly good vegetable stew or vegetable curry. Rich in goodness as well!

Hopefully that should give you a brief idea about the types of seasonal vegetables available at this time of year. As you can see, there is a lot to choose from. All of them taste fantastic, and all of them will make a great side dish to whatever food you are eating.

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