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Wall Runs

Wall runs are an excellent way to improve your shoulder and core strength, while at the same time improving your balance and making you more comfortable upside-down on your hands.  To perform a wall run, start by walking your feet up a wall until you are in a handstand with your chest facing the wall.  Make sure you hold your whole body rigid, squeezing your heels together and contracting your abs and glutes.

Once you are in a hand stand, lift one of your arms up and tap the shoulder on the same side.  Put your hand down and repeat with the other arm.  Watch that you don’t fall over while moving from arm to arm.

Try setting different goals for your training.  You could count how many shoulder taps you get during a single wall run, and try to improve this number each time.  You could also use a timer and try to wall run for a set amount of time.  30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes and 5 minutes straight could be goals to work towards.

Handstand - FrontWall Run - Left ArmHandstand - FrontWall Run - Right Arm

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