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Power Skipping

Skipping is basically a hopping pattern in which you take off and land on the same foot and then quickly alternate to the other foot after each jump.  Skipping is a common childhood activity, and odds are you’ve probably done it at some point in your life.  Power skipping is great for training power production that is applicable to fast athletic movements such as sprinting and changing direction that are common to most sports.

To train for vertical power, aim to launch your knee as high in the air as possible on each skip, not worrying as much about covering horizontal distance.

To train for horizontal power, launch your knee forward as hard as you can, thinking about covering as much distance as possible with each skip.

You can also skip sideways and backwards to train power production in those directions as well.  When skipping backwards, be careful not to trip and hit your head on the ground.

Remember to use your arms to assist your momentum.  When your left knee raises, your right arm should raise with it, the elbow bent at approximately 90 degrees.  Use your whole body to skip, rather than just your legs.

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