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Karaoke Drill

Karaokes are a great drill that improves footwork and coordination, as well as strength while moving laterally.

Start by standing sideways to the direction that you plan on travelling.  Let’s assume you are moving to the right first.  Step out sideways with your right foot.  When it has landed, cross your left foot over and behind your right foot.  Step your right foot out again, but this time cross your left foot over in front of your right foot.  Continue this foot crossing pattern, alternating crossing the trailing foot in front and behind the leading foot.  Be sure to face the same direction while you travel back so you work both sides evenly.  This movement is also known as a grapevine.

In the high knee variation, the movement is performed the same way, except you raise up the knee of the trailing leg as high as you can when you cross it in front of the leading foot.  This variation is used to help open up the hip joint, and is a great warmup movement before running, jumping, or any other movements involving the legs and hip.

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