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Skills and Drills



Agility is the ability to change the position and direction of travel of the body quickly and efficiently.  Improving your agility will give you better moves on the field, make you more efficient at traversing different terrain, and can give you skills that may help you catch yourself after slipping or tripping and prevent a nasty spill.



Balance is the ability to maintain your center of gravity over your base of support.  In other words, it is the ability to not fall down.  To train and improve your balance, you must practice it in a variety of different positions and movements, both static and dynamic.  Better balance makes many tasks simpler by reinforcing your contact with the ground and making you less likely to fall over.



Power is the ability to rapidly generate force.  The more force you can produce in a shorter amount of time, the more powerful you are.  Power output is a very good predictor of athletic performance.  Training for power teaches your muscles to fire more quickly and in a more coordinated fashion, allowing them to be more explosive.



Speed is the ability to move quickly over a given distance, like during a sprint.  It is also the ability to move the body explosively, like throwing a punch.  Absolute speed can be trained to improve acceleration, and speed endurance can also be trained to increase the ability to continuously reach top speeds.  Speed endurance is a requirement for many sports.



Strength is the ability to generate force through muscle contraction.  The bodyweight movements listed on this page will help improve your strength and full body tension.  Check out our Lifting section for more ways to train for strength.


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