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Short Story

Little old ladies don’t always start out that way. Over time and as we age, the architecture of our spines succumbs to wear and tear. The vertebrae, the interlocking bones that support the spine, begin to thin and the fluid-rich spaces between the vertebrae dehydrate and become stiff.

“Height loss is due to the space between the vertebrae shrinking, or the vertebrae getting crushed down?If a person is losing height, it means that they are aging,” offers Dr. Tyler C. Cymet, an osteopathic physician and assistant professor of internal medicine at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland.

While losing a few millimeters a year is natural, it can result in unpleasant and even painful complications in our daily lives.

“When the body changes and we lose height, other problems follow. Our body mechanics can change and it can be more difficult to do the same activities we did before. It can change our walking pattern, affect how far we can bend or twist, and the risks

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