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Rekindle The Flame in Your Relationship

During dating, behavior is at its best. Both parties exert the effort to make sure that everything goes well. There are times that the needs of your date comes first before your own. You slowly build a feeling that you are somehow special to him or her. You’re always together.

“Man is not the creature of circumstances. Circumstances are the creature of man.”?Benjamin Disraeli

Can you remember the dates you had with your spouse? Let’s go back in time …

As the dating itself progressed for longer periods of time, you began to unravel the mystery in that special someone. You have learned more about him or her. Without noticing it, your feelings for him or her grew deeper. You also noticed that you really wanted to spend more time together. Nothing matters except the two of you being together. Every decision that you made revolved around that person. He or she has become your universe.

All these good feeling made a good impact on you. You’re always on cloud nine. You’re al

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