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Overworked? Stressed? Get A Hold Of Your Time

Just imagine yourself every morning, still sleepy and dreamy from the less than five hours of sleep. You are about to start your day with seemingly insurmountable tasks: there are bills waiting to be paid, reports to be submitted before 12 noon, calls to be made, a long grocery list for the weekends, a barbecue party, endless post-6 p.m. meetings, tasks, tasks, tasks?and even more tasks. You are an overworked and stressed out machine and you feel the weight on your shoulder. Your biggest enemy is not your boss, nor is it your children’s math teacher; but TIME and the lack of it to finish all your duties and activities.

Likewise, the rapid flow of time is very much felt in highly urbanized and industrialized societies. Gadgets and modern tools, like cellular phones, microwave ovens, computers, and portable electronic organizers (PDAs) have made our lives easier and have given us the necessary advantage to lessen our time to work on certain tasks. The connectivity of people through m

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