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One Year Later…


It has been one year since we became acquainted with Adam Morden and his CrossFit ways – and what a year it has been!

My knee no longer aches and hurts from years of running abuse.

Debbie can perform “11 kipping pull-ups”; a year ago this count was “0”!

Adam introduced us to lots of girls with names like “Fran”, “Cindy”, “Angie” and “Barbara” – very tough girls!

We both discovered muscles we never knew were there, or that we could use.

We learned to “Jerk” and “Squat” and “Snatch” and “Clean” – movements that are much more complex than they sound.

Thank goodness we have had someone with Adam’s expertise, experience and patient coaching to guide us through and train us.

No matter how sore or stiff or whiney we were, Adam always met us with an enthusiastic smile and another diabolical WOD!

You can always tell when someone loves what they do and excel at doing it – they make it look and seem easy, they smile and laugh a lot, and before you know it…

You are doing things you never thought you could do or would do…

You are doing Muscle-ups, Kips, Handstands, Burpees, Norwegian falls, …

You are pounding a tire with a sledgehammer, climbing a rope, sprinting, lifting 10,000 lbs over your head!

You are doing all these things with pride and enthusiasm – because the guy who is telling you to do it:

Has taught you how to do it properly, he has encouraged you to do it, he has done it carefully and made sure you were safe,

He has CHEERED for you as you did it.

He has given you a gift, an awesome gift…

He teaches you the CrossFit way, to embrace the unexpected, to challenge yourself, to fight to the finish, to get it done!

The ability and belief that you can do anything that life may throw at you.

He has prepared you both physically and mentally to take on any of life’s great challenges – and he has done it expertly!

Thank You Adam!


Andy and Debbie O’Rourke

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