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Crossfit girlThe word “feminism” has been poisoned, but no replacement exists. Lisbeth Darsh asks why.

If “feminist” is such a tainted word, what word do we use now?
“I think feminist has been given a bad name. … I think any label is bad. … I’m more than a label. I don’t want to be labeled anything.” Governor Nikki Haley (R-South Carolina) said this in 2012, and who could disagree with her? Many people don’t like labels, and “feminist” has turned into what Haley calls a “hard word.” Numerous people simply don’t want to use it. 

But if equality of the sexes has not been achieved, we still need a word to describe “a person who advocates equal rights for women.” What do we call those people who don’t think women should take a back seat, a second place or a lower rung on the ladder because we have vaginas and breasts? What word should replace “feminist”?” (Exerpt from article)


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