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Mud Runs

Mud Runs have exploded in popularity over the past few years. More people are signing up to them than ever before, but very few are aware of the challenge that awaits. While many people are capable of running the distance of the mud run (which can be up to 12 miles) the place where many people falter is at the obstacles that are going to present themselves throughout the run. This is what you want to be training for, you need to know how to get over these obstacles, and that is what I am going to teach you to do. Let’s discuss how you can train for a mud run.

While running isn’t going to be the downfall of most people in a mud run, it is incredibly important that you incorporate running into your training regime. This is going to help you build up your stamina and hopefully keep you in the race until the end. You will need to run at least three or four times a week and build up the amount you run on a day by day basis. You need to constantly be improving yourself and you need to ensure that you can run over the distance of the race (remember some of your stamina is going to be taken up by the obstacles) this means that if you are running a three mile race you should be able to run at least seven miles. It does seem like a lot, but honestly when you are at that point it will be a breeze. Make sure that you run up hill, upstairs and anything else which will make the run more challenging as you know for sure this will be incorporated into a mud race. Basically, try not to run on flat surfaces constantly, that isn’t training.

In addition to your running you will need to become agile in water. Whilst many mud runs don’t involve swimming, a few do and of course you don’t know what challenge you are going to face until you get there. In addition to that, swimming is a great way to build up your stamina, and every little bit is going to help towards succeeding.

The majority of courses that you are going to run include some sort of pulling obstacles e.g. climbing ropes, climbing over walls, cargo nets and much more. You therefore need to build up your upper body strength. There are plenty of exercises out there for doing this, remember, weight lifting is great, but regular push ups should be able to help. Combine this with your running activities, perhaps you could devise a little course for yourself e.g. run some, push ups, run some more, a different type of exercise and so on.

Work on your agility! Mud runs tend to involve a lot of obstacles to jump across or to avoid. Don’t just jump up and down. Learn to jump from side to side. Work on that footwork and don’t stop working on it.

Finally, remember in most cases a mud run isn’t a race. It is a challenge to get to the end. This will be one of the most physically demanding things that you have ever done in your life and if you can train to the point where you can make it to the end then you are already doing better than most people. Good luck in your training.

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