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Mind/Set: What are mental blocks?

Mental BlocksI define a mental block as any thought or feeling that prevents us from our desired behavior and potential. It doesn’t matter if we are referring to relationships or doing our max number of butterfly pull-ups. There are two types of mental blocks. External mental blocks and internal mental blocks. External mental blocks are temporary thoughts and feelings we bring into the box. They may arise from getting into an argument with the guy that just cut you off or a stressful day at work. You may be experiencing PMS or an expiring marriage. External mental blocks may stem from relationships but not the relationship you have with yourself. External mental blocks are not ingrained. They are outside of self. They are temporary. They come and go. Therefore, they will not be my focus.

This article by John Kim deals with the mental blocks that we set up for ourselves. He tells us how to identify our blocks and how to shed them to become successful, in particular pertaining to achieving crossfit and fitness goals.

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