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Lose the Luge?

olympicWe’ve all had that Winter Olympics moment: you’re watching the high-flying aerials or a game-winning shot in overtime. Then coverage shifts to curling, and the wind is knocked out of your sails as you start looking for something else to watch.

Some sports just don’t warrant a flower at the metaphorical Olympic rose ceremony. It’s nothing personal. Curling is indeed a fine pastime, hobby or leisure activity, especially if yelling at a slow-moving rock is your thing. But an Olympic sport? That’s simply hard to support.

Curling is but a step away from watching your grandparents play shuffleboard at the local community center. While a productive activity for the 70-plus crowd, an Olympic sport it is not.

And if we’re going to call out curling, it’s worth taking a look at the rest of the Olympic lineup for a few disciplines we could do without in four years’ time.

In her article, “Lose the Luge,” Emily Beers offers a suggestion to thin the field of what is considered a sport worthy of the Olympic by applying the workouts of CrossFit to the current events held at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games. She determines which events should be tossed as well as showing which events are the best in terms of her criteria.

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