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Ladies First

For years, researchers have attempted to understand the rising rates of lung cancer among women. While the fact that more women smoke today than did forty years ago is an indisputable contributor, some experts make the case that women are biologically more vulnerable to the disease than men.

“The question of whether or not women are more susceptible to lung cancer remains controversial. Some studies suggest that women who smoke are more apt to develop lung cancer at an earlier age than men, suggesting greater susceptibility, but other studies refute this. Biologically, several researchers are trying to determine whether or not estrogen or other hormones influence susceptibility to tobacco carcinogens, but there is again no definitive evidence of a link,” explains Dr. Gregory P. Kalemkerian, professor of Medicine and co-director Thoracic Oncology at the University of Michigan Medical Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

A team of Harvard University researchers attempted to get to the

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