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Most baby boomers approach impending old age with noisy dread so maybe it’s not that surprising their children appear to be shuffling rather than marching toward independent adulthood.

The current trend to return to the nest in your twenties and thirties is an international phenomenon-according to the US Census 25 per cent of people between the ages of 18 to 34 live at home with their parents, a statistic that resonates equally in Canada, the UK and Australia.

Unlike baby boomers who ran screaming from their parents’ homes when they were 18, the boomerang generation disparagingly dubbed “adultescents,” frequently postpones the traditional markers of maturity-leaving home, marriage, parenthood and mortgage until they’re at least 30.

Contemporary parenting and its techniques, frequently anxious and earnest, and governed by a sort of generalized overzealousness, sometimes only confuses overwhelmed parents already struggling with an abundance of challenges.

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