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Got Bloat?

We’ve all had that feeling of being uncomfortably full. It’s an awful feeling. You’re tired, lethargic, in pain and a lot of times your clothes are too tight. Bloating usually occurs after eating or during menstruation. Flatulence, pain, and overall discomfort are its annoying symptoms. Bloating can be prevented and treated. There are foods that can help decrease bloat in the stomach.

If you want to fight bloating naturally, all you have to do is eat foods that beat bloating and flatten your stomach. And, if you want to do this successfully, first you need to abstain from food or drinks that commonly cause bloating symptoms. Key items you want to avoid are salty foods, alcohol, sugary drinks, carbonated beverages and raw vegetables.

Eating more slowly is essential for the prevention of bloating. When you chew carefully the food in your mouth is processed more effectively so there is less work for the stomach. It is a great idea to devote more time for your meals in order to put this method into action. Also, you might want to keep chewing every bite until you count to 20.

Reducing the size of your portions always helps. Also try to eliminate the appetizer and/or dessert if you plan on having a hearty main course. And reduce the amount and types of side dishes you have.

Here are some foods that you should include in your food plans if you want to beat bloating and clean your system of gas or excessive fluids.

Yogurt has high water content which is good for the body. This probiotic drink contains good bacteria that helps break down food and moderate the gas or fluids that accumulate inside the body. This helps to keep the digestive system in good stead and allows it function without hassles.

Strawberries are great for fighting bloating and help promote digestion because of their high vitamin C content. You can add strawberries to your early morning oatmeal, lunchtime salads or use for dessert after dinner. Strawberries contain natural sugars so do not take them in excess because ironically they can cause stomach bloating too.

Spinach enhances the fiber content inside the body and helps us fight bloating. Spinach requires adequate chewing and allows our bodies to ingest certain minerals and vitamins which help us combat acidic indigestion, urinary tract infections and constipation.

Rich in vitamins and minerals, asparagus, like coffee, is a diuretic. The vegetable promotes the growth of “good” bacteria in the intestines. The “good” bacteria acts to reduce build-up of stomach gas, reducing bloating.

Pineapples contain plenty of water which is capable of flushing out excessive fluids or gas from the body. Also, pineapples contain enzymes which helps facilitate the digestion of protein. Pineapples are made up of over 85% of water and contain bromelain which deals with complicated stomach problems or issues.

Bran Cereals
Cereals are semi-solids and move through the intestines rapidly. Because they comprise of high fiber they fight constipation and bloating. Women should ingest at least 25g of bran cereal every day.

Coffee will tame bloating. Besides being a stimulant, coffee is a natural diuretic riding the body of excess water, one of the causes of bloating.

Eating the right food and keeping away from the wrong foods will help fight the uncomfortable feeling of bloating. Mixed in with a regular exercise routine, it’s a win, win and you’ll feel better all around.

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