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Getting the Hang of Crossfit, Now What?

goalsSo you’ve been a bad ass CrossFitter for 6 months to a year now and things are starting to come together for you. You’re slowly getting into some RX’d workouts, you hitting big PR’s and now you’re starting to taper off. It’s still the beginning of the year and you’re excited to see what this year has in store for you. You may get that muscle up, or crush Fran, but how? You’re at that point where you’re even taking your diet more seriously as you see a clear correlation between food (fuel) and performance. The one thing serious CrossFitters have in common is hard work, dedication and a desire to be better than yesterday. But simply having the desire is just not enough; we need to have a plan, a guide, some sort of direction. We all need to go a step further and start setting serious realistic goals. In the article Getting the Hang of Crossfit, Now What?, Silviu Bona explains ways to set realistic goals and how to push to achieve this goals in reasonable time frames.

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