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Getting Started

Discuss your fitness goals and see how we can help.

Discuss your fitness goals and see how we can help.

New to the game?

We here at Steel City CrossFit know that making the commitment to begin a new fitness program can be a daunting task, so to help ease you into it. Click here to Join Now

Contact us to let us know when you will be coming!

For those new to CrossFit, any of our regularly scheduled CrossFit classes provide a great opportunity to begin.  Our qualified instructors will ensure that the workout is scaled appropriately to your level of ability, and will provide you with the attention you need to learn the movements used in CrossFit to get you off on the right track.

Want one-on-one attention?

If private, one on one personal training is preferred, we offer an Introductory Program of 3 one-hour training sessions which provides the perfect opportunity to learn CrossFit’s 9 Foundational Movements.  Either of these paths allow members to learn the basic exercises and movements of CrossFit in a fun and interesting way.

We also run Bootcamp classes where workouts are stripped down to brass tacks, so anyone can get a great workout right from the get-go, without having to learn the movements beforehand.

Need more information?

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit’s 10 General Physical Skills

All set to get going?

Please contact us to start the Introductory Program, or to let us know you will be coming to one of our CrossFit  or Bootcamp classes.

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