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Get Out!

Looking for a form of treatment that goes down easy and has no adverse side effects?

Take a walk in the park once daily, fresh air in your lungs, grass at your feet-if ever a prescription was designed for overdose it’s this one.

Green space therapy, as it’s popularly known, is at the heart of a growing new attitude to public space that proposes radical alteration of the urban landscape. The concrete jungle is about to receive a healthy natural makeover, one comprised mainly of trees.

“We’re finding that contact with nature is important for mental health, and healthy neighborhoods,” says Professor Frances Kuo, associate professor, Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences and Psychology department, and director of the Landscape and Human Health Lab at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign.

“The implications are that trees and green space, far from being merely an amenity that makes our communities prettier, are actually important for public health. Our research

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