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Forget Writing a Will?Who’s Going to Manage Your Facebook After You Die?

Writing of wills has been practiced since the beginning of time and is still being practiced, since time in memorial. Wills come in handy when your time on earth has elapsed and you want your treasured possessions left in the hands of the right people who will continue building your legacy in years to come. However, most people don’t pay attention to what’s going to happen to their social accounts after they die.

Even though some people find it ghoulish spending time on planning what will happen after they pass on, let alone their Facebook account, this company has established policies to address the question at hand- what happens to your Facebook account after you die?

Facebook’s new policy simplifies things during these hard times. In the past, Facebook provided a primary memorialized account that was only visible but couldn’t be managed, or freeze the account all together after one dies. After viewing suggestions from users who had suffered a loss, the company became aware that they could do more to assist those who were mourning and those who wish to say what will happen to their accounts after they die.

Taking advantage of these attributes is not compulsory; you don’t have to set a person to control your account.

The two options were formulated was to either have their Facebook account permanently deleted or elect a legacy contact, who is like an heir to their Facebook account to manage it after they pass-on. Another option would be to have the account permanently deleted, which was not possible initially.

Naming a legacy contact
When one selects the legacy contact option, after the account is memorialized, the heir of the Facebook account has the authority to administer posts and pin them atop your timeline, acknowledge new friend requests, and update the cover photo and profile picture. However, the legacy contact doesn’t have access to any account details or private messages.

In addition, Facebook can also allow the legacy contact to download files that contain the account’s posts, photos, as well as other information, as long as you provide your contact with additional permission. The legacy contact must be a Facebook user. He/she will not be notified that you’ve selected them to be the legacy contact until your Facebook account is memorialized. However, you can send them a message informing them of your choice if you wish.

Annually, Facebook will send a reminder of your selection, which is useful just in case the person dies before you or your friendship turns sour at some point. The legacy contact will also be issued with their own Facebook login, different from the way you signed in.

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