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Empty Nest

When your children reach the age to embark out into the world on their own, you can be left with a feeling of loss and loneliness. Some parents may experience what is referred to as Empty Nest Syndrome, feelings of depression, sadness, and/or grief. It becomes a whole different home when the children are not there on a regular basis. It may take some time to accept the change and enjoy the new opportunities.

You’ve done your job raising your children, they are ready to fly from the nest. It’s important for them to be happy and healthy adults, so you need to encourage them in as guilt-free a way as possible. Be positive and encouraging to your child who is moving out on their own.

It’s never too early to think about your empty nest in order to make the transition easier on you and your child. Here are six tips to help you move forward with this new part of your life.

  1. Plan Ahead – It’s never too early to start planning and talking to your child about the future.
  2. Get to Know Your Spouse – Now is the time to rekindle your relationship with your spouse. Use the time travel and get to know one another again.
  3. Make a Dream List – Start a list of the things you have always wanted to do or see but couldn’t while raising a family. Maybe take lessons of some sort, or change your career, or even going back to school for extra course just for you. Start with something small and work towards a new goal.
  4. Avoid Big Changes – Try not to make any huge changes like selling the house. Give yourself some time to adjust to these new changes first.
  5. Talk to Others – Look to others who have been through the same situation or are also saying goodbye to their kids. You’ll find that the similarities will help you get through the loneliness and feeling of loss. It will also help keep you busy and not thinking of all the negatives.
  6. Prepare Your Child – By getting your child ready to be on their own, you will be helping them while also making you feel more at ease with them being away. Teach them how to do the laundry, prepare meals, deal with money issues, etc.

It is hard to let your child go – give them their independence. You have done your job and you can be proud of them and you’ll be able to notice just how fine a job of parenting you have done. When kids leave, parents are challenged to restructure their lives and find new identities. An empty nest also comes with its own joys. It’s a time where parents can be open to personal growth and discovery. It will take time, but you’ll soon be busy and enjoying what your new found time and freedom has brought. And you’ll love and cherish the time spent when your kids come back home for visits.

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