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Dealing with Injury

Nobody wakes up, jumps out of bed, and admires their bad self in the mirror and shouts – today is a great day to get injured! Ever.

Z-Back squatYet every day, hundreds if not thousands of CrossFitters around the world pull, pop, strain, tweak, tear, dislocate or break something.

This is not the place to decide whether CrossFitters are more or less injury prone than other athletes. I know from experience, however, that CrossFit boxes can be injuryfriendly environments. Most people who CrossFit push their bodies harder than they have ever pushed them before. If an athlete is training with an unknown weakness or physical imbalance, (and let’s face it, who isn’t) the intensity of the workouts can expose that weakness. Pop!

In this article Eileen Schreiber uses a few examples of people that have suffered injuries and how it changed them for the better. She shows the proper mentality to take during the healing process.

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