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Bodybuilding: Can You Do It?

Many people embark in this crusade of developing the muscles, but few realize the magnitude of work and discipline involved. A lot plunge headlong into purchasing the latest gadgets and machines in body sculpturing, only to give up too soon. Their gym equipment and gadgets later become historical artifacts of their past whim.

Before you buy anything, ask yourself first if you really want to do this thing. Muscles do not grow just because you have the equipment. This sounds absurd, but many people seem to think this way. They buy all sorts of equipment, do little or nothing at all, and then wonder why their muscles are not developing. Be firm in your decision to develop a stunning physique, and never be discouraged when it takes a long time for those shapely muscles to emerge.

You must understand that bodybuilding is a discipline, like a profession or career. You do not become a doctor or an engineer overnight, or even after a year. Likewise, you do not stop studying just becaus

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