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Been There, Done That

Most of us have experienced it-the fleeting, slightly spooky moment when the present, suddenly strangely familiar, feels like something we remember from the past.

It’s called déjà vu, which is French for ‘already seen,’ and despite the almost universal nature of this quirky memory glitch, its true nature has been remarkably resistant to research, analysis or understanding.

Century-old theories are still in circulation, offering various explanations including the contradictory ideas that fatigue or being well-rested may disrupt the way we process sensation and perception.

Déjà vu is also associated with some psychiatric disorders and temporal lobe epilepsy.

“Our view is that déjà vu is caused by disruptions to brain functioning in the temporal lobe, the area of the brain behind the ears. We know this area to be important for memory function, and our view is that déjà vu is just a brief memory error. The exciting thing about déjà vu is that it is the result of two opposing

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