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All in the Family

It seems as though the family dinner is becoming something of the past. As soon as dinner is served, parents rush to sit in front of the TV and their children run upstairs to continue browsing through Facebook. This is a real shame really, as family dinners are actually very important and can lead to a number of benefits for the family as a whole.To start with, a family dinner is perhaps one of the best ways for a family to bond. When you are sitting around a table with your family you are pretty much going to be ‘forced’ to talk to one another. You can share things about your day, talk about concerns and fears, and in short, just have a good time. How likely are you to talk to your family about this sort of stuff ‘in passing’? Highly unlikely is my guess. Honestly, a good old family dinner really will bring families much closer together.

Did you know that eating a family dinner can actually be beneficial to your health as well? In fact, research has shown that children who dine with their families tend to be less overweight. Studies have also shown that families also eat more vegetables and fruits when they dine together. In short, the meals tend to be far healthier. Less junk food and poor quality soda drinks will be consumed as well. Studies have also shown that those children who eat regular family dinners are much more likely to be successful in their lives, and they even tend to steer clear of drugs. Nobody knows for sure why this happens, but statistics do indicate that there is a trend here.

Studies have also shown that there is a direct correlation between dining with your family and an improvement in your grades. Again, nobody knows exactly why this happens, but honestly, the statistics don’t lie and this alone should be a very good reason to start to dine with your family. Perhaps the main reason is because children will be able to talk about problems that they are facing at school, and even their homework. Or maybe because ‘intelligent discussion’ helps them thrive.

Finally, those families that dine together regularly tend to have much less stress in their household. This in part down to the way in which the family bonds over a meal, and you really do feel as though you have a much better understanding of the members of your family.

Honestly, there are a plethora of benefits for dining with your family. So why not start doing it? You don’t have to do it every night, just a couple of nights a week should be enough to start your family bonding properly. Make sure everybody knows the night that you will be sitting down for your family meal, and don’t let them make other plans. Remember, there is no greater bond in this world than the family bond.

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