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A Spectator’s Guide to Packing for the Games

By Alexandria Lemos

With Regionals far behind us and the Games quickly approaching, the excitement continues to build in the CrossFit community. There have been plenty of things to keep us busy in the weeks preceding the Games such as analyzing the Regional data, researching newcomers, and getting to know our favorites a little better through athlete spotlights.  We want to know everything we can before the athletes make their way to Carson, California.

For those who have the privilege of being able to watch the Games live in Carson, additional preparation is needed.  I have had the opportunity to attend every summer since the Games moved from the Ranch to Carson and have learned that athletes are not the only ones who need a game plan; spectators need one too.  In honor of it being the eighth year of the CrossFit Games, I have listed eight things that I believe can help make your trip to Carson a little more comfortable.

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